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How Lee Seung Gi Gave Me a Friend

It's all because of Lee Seung Gi. I watched his concert for the first time in Seoul in December 2011. When I exchanged my ticket in ticket counter before the concert, I saw a girl seemed having problem with her ticket. She was alone talking in English to the staff worriedly. Just out of curiosity, I approached her thinking perhaps I could help her (later I know she speaks Korean better than I do :P). Apparently her name in credit card which was used for purchasing the ticket was different than her name in passport, so the staff couldn't give her ticket. But after talking to the manager, finally they allowed it.

We then had 10 minutes talking to each other before the concert started and before we went to our seat which was faraway from each other. She's Malaysian traveling to Korea for 1 month at that time, and the concert was a final event in Korea she would attend because the next day she would fly back to Kuala Lumpur. We didn't take our pictures together, I only as…