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The One With All The Wisdom

I just took a quiz about "What Type of Traveller Are You?" from, and I got this result. Somehow it's true.

The other possible results are these:
The YOLO Fiend
People may judge you for using this word, but you don't care. You don't get to travel much, but when you do, everything excites you. You seize every opportunity and you never use the word 'no'...sometimes you can't help but look around and think 'How did I get here?'. Your constant positviity is infectious (you always have a companion cheering you on) and you live every travel day as if it might be your last. That is The Motto after all... The Trailblazer
'Mainstream tourism' is a phrase that offends you more than people who eat in McDonald's when they're away from home. Guide books are for the fearful, and you are afraid of nothing. You're constantly trying to seek out new and unexplored territories and venture as far away from the beaten track as you …