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Interesting Library in My Dream

Last night I had a dream about National Library of Singapore, one of my favorite places in Singapore (nerd!). I had posted about it here 5 years ago, on how I started to join membership in the central library. How was it going then? Well, turns out I used the membership quite often for the whole year. I might not visit the central library anymore (that was the only one time I went there) because it's quite far from my apartment, but I often went to 2 library branches near my apartment.

The first library branch I often visited was Bukit Batok Public Library. The place was not big but it had enough books that made me hard to choose which ones to borrow first. The library was located on the 3rd floor of West Mall, a mall just outside Bukit Batok Bus Terminal and Bukit Batok MRT Station (red line), That was the nearest MRT station from my apartment, so I passed it almost everyday. I usually stopped by that library at night on my way home from office.

While on the weekend or when I ha…