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Weekend Getaway to Tasik

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Tasikmalaya (Tasik) for a weekend getaway. Tasik is the hometown of my helper/homeworker, Bibik. She had been working with us for more than a year now. I have met one of her sisters in Jakarta, but I never met her children and her mother who live in Tasik. Plus, I wanted to getaway from Jakarta for a while.

Tasik is one of cities in West Java, about 270km (5 hours driving) from Jakarta, passing Bandung and Nagreg. We started from home at 5.30am and arrived in Tasik around 12.30pm. So it's normal and quite a nice traffic.

First we went to Bibik's house to drop her off and to know her family. She will stay there for one night and tomorrow we will pick her up again to go back to Jakarta. While for us, we already booked rooms in Ramayana Hotel near the center of the city. We checked into the hotel, got relax for a while before starting out to explore Tasik city.

Our first destination was Sentra Bordir Kawalu. Honestly when we searched Ta…

Cannot Sit at Home This Weekend

No, I can't. Will be going for 1 night 2 days trip to Tasikmalaya for the first time \o/

Sabang After 7 Years: Day 2

Another day in Sabang. Woke up to the sound of sea, how peaceful it was! This was the view from my room (more into the accommodation in the other post). Sunrise was not observable at that time because it was a little bit cloudy, and also raining heavily the night before.

After my little baby woke up, we went down into the beach joining some of our groups who were already there sitting and swimming. I was too jumping into the sea. The water was so clear but there were many small rocks on the sands that we should be careful of. My Brother got his toes wounded and bled.

My Father went out to the town with our rented driver to buy us Nasi Gurih (steamed rice cooked in coconut milk, Aceh specialty) for breakfast. After eating and showering, at 10am we were all ready to go to continue exploring Sabang. While we covered east Sabang on the first day, today we would cover the west part.

Sabang After 7 Years: Day 1

This is still the series of my trip to Aceh on last Ied al-Fitr. I know, it's too late already ya hehe I just had the time to post it now.

Hello, Sabang! I really have a good memory on this island 7 years ago, and finally I had the chance to visit it again, now with my husband and daughter. Same as last time, this time I planned staying there for 3 days 2 nights. But this time the port was more crowded because of holiday. Ferry tickets and car rental in Sabang were more expensive than usual. That's why many people would like to bring over their own car using slow big ferry (around 2 hours trip), including us, but the queue was too long. Luckily we could still get the fast ferry (around 45 minutes trip) tickets. Other than by ferry that crosses few times everyday, Sabang also can be reached by small airplane from Kuala Namu (Medan) 3 times a week.

We crossed the sea from Ulee Lheue port in Banda Aceh to Balohan Bay in Sabang in the morning around 8am. It is better to take morni…

Review: Kuala Radja Hotel in Banda Aceh

This is the first time I am staying in an Islamic nuance hotel, Kuala Radja. I got that first impression directly when entering the hotel room. One of the rules of the hotel is the guests can not wear clothes that are not covering Aurat (human body parts that Islam thinks should be covered) outside the hotel room. Well that was the general Islamic Sharia rule that is implemented in Aceh actually. Another thing was a sticker put on the mirror saying a quote from Qur'an about prohibition to do sexual act out of marriage. The last ones were prayers writings put on top of the bed for Before and After Sleeping.

I got a Deluxe Room with 1 Double Bed cost around IDR 300K per night. The room was old and not too fancy, but quite spacious and having enough necessity: TV, fridge, bathroom with hot shower and toiletries. They provided free small breakfast such as fried rice, breads, green bean porridge and fruits. And the most important thing is... free wifi in the room! Not bad for that pri…

Banda Aceh With Its Memories and Beauty

During recent Ied holidays (16th-25th July), I went to my hometown Aceh for 10 days visiting family and taking vacation. My hometown is in Lhokseumawe, a northern part of Aceh province, but I also wanted to visit Banda Aceh and Sabang again. It had been 7 years since the last time I went there, and my husband had never been there before, so it would be a perfect time to go!

Banda Aceh is about 300 km from my Lhokseumawe. We --  I, my husband, my baby, my parents, my sister and my brother -- went on a road trip from Lhokseumawe on the second day of Ied, stopping by at relatives' places on the way there including my grandmother's. By the time we reached Banda Aceh, it's already 10pm. We went straight to the hotel we've booked and got rest.

The next morning when I and my husband went out to look for some foods for our baby, I had the first glimpse again of Banda Aceh city. I lived here for 1 year from 1999 and 2000, but I didn't remember it was beautiful like this: f…

Expressing Breastmilk During Traveling

My daughter was about 7 months old when I traveled to India and Singapore recently for 9 days. It was the first time I left her. The first 3-4 days I was OK and really excited for the journey; it's been a year I didn't travel since Bangkok trip. But after several days, I missed my daughter so badly and I wanted to go home. I tried not to think about her, but it's hard especially when I saw babies around me. One time I had video chat with my husband and my daughter, I couldn't hold my tears T_T

The thought about her made me want to bring home expressed breastmilk as much as I could. This was more valuable than any souvenirs, right? It's not easy, but yeah I could do it!

Spending Time in Changi

Despite of having lived in Singapore for almost 3 years, and often went in/out the country through its airport, I rarely put much attention on Changi Airport nor enjoyed what's inside. Because, I always got to the airport as late as I could, and go out from the airport as fast as I could to get to my house.

Last Saturday I had a flight that's required transit in Changi Airport for about 3 hours. It was a connecting flight that I didn't need to go through immigration nor check-in again, so quite plenty of time to spend, right.

First thing to do was getting wifi password. It should be easier if I had roaming SIM card, because the password would be sent via SMS to phone number. But the stupid Kartu Halo didn't allow me to have roaming service because my monthly bill was not over 400k (what a stupid regulations!), so yeah, I went to Information desk to get my wifi password.

After informing my family about my arrival in Changi, I then started roaming around. I went to Flig…