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Expressing Breastmilk During Traveling

My daughter was about 7 months old when I traveled to India and Singapore recently for 9 days. It was the first time I left her. The first 3-4 days I was OK and really excited for the journey; it's been a year I didn't travel since Bangkok trip. But after several days, I missed my daughter so badly and I wanted to go home. I tried not to think about her, but it's hard especially when I saw babies around me. One time I had video chat with my husband and my daughter, I couldn't hold my tears T_T

The thought about her made me want to bring home expressed breastmilk as much as I could. This was more valuable than any souvenirs, right? It's not easy, but yeah I could do it!

Spending Time in Changi

Despite of having lived in Singapore for almost 3 years, and often went in/out the country through its airport, I rarely put much attention on Changi Airport nor enjoyed what's inside. Because, I always got to the airport as late as I could, and go out from the airport as fast as I could to get to my house.

Last Saturday I had a flight that's required transit in Changi Airport for about 3 hours. It was a connecting flight that I didn't need to go through immigration nor check-in again, so quite plenty of time to spend, right.

First thing to do was getting wifi password. It should be easier if I had roaming SIM card, because the password would be sent via SMS to phone number. But the stupid Kartu Halo didn't allow me to have roaming service because my monthly bill was not over 400k (what a stupid regulations!), so yeah, I went to Information desk to get my wifi password.

After informing my family about my arrival in Changi, I then started roaming around. I went to Flig…