25 August 2015

Banda Aceh With Its Memories and Beauty

During recent Ied holidays (16th-25th July), I went to my hometown Aceh for 10 days visiting family and taking vacation. My hometown is in Lhokseumawe, a northern part of Aceh province, but I also wanted to visit Banda Aceh and Sabang again. It had been 7 years since the last time I went there, and my husband had never been there before, so it would be a perfect time to go!

Banda Aceh is about 300 km from my Lhokseumawe. We --  I, my husband, my baby, my parents, my sister and my brother -- went on a road trip from Lhokseumawe on the second day of Ied, stopping by at relatives' places on the way there including my grandmother's. By the time we reached Banda Aceh, it's already 10pm. We went straight to the hotel we've booked and got rest.

The next morning when I and my husband went out to look for some foods for our baby, I had the first glimpse again of Banda Aceh city. I lived here for 1 year from 1999 and 2000, but I didn't remember it was beautiful like this: fresh air, blue sky, fine streets and roads without holes, no traffics, many trees/plants on the main road, green and clean. My favorite part was the view from a small bridge where Krueng Aceh (Krueng means river) and a mountain (my guess was Mount Seulawah Agam) were in one picture. It was pretty that made me ask my husband to stop the car for a while. River and mountain... reminds me of Seoul.

Back to the group in the hotel, we started off to visit some Tsunami-related places. Sadly when we talk about Aceh, we always remember that big disaster and the victims. But in the other side, Tsunami made Banda Aceh a better city. As I said above, I didn't recall Banda Aceh could be this beautiful 15 years ago, nor 7 years ago. Tsunami also created new interesting places like Museum Tsunami, PLTD Apung and Kapal di Atas Rumah.