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Cannot Sit at Home This Weekend

No, I can't. Will be going for 1 night 2 days trip to Tasikmalaya for the first time \o/

Sabang After 7 Years: Day 2

Another day in Sabang. Woke up to the sound of sea, how peaceful it was! This was the view from my room (more into the accommodation in the other post). Sunrise was not observable at that time because it was a little bit cloudy, and also raining heavily the night before.

After my little baby woke up, we went down into the beach joining some of our groups who were already there sitting and swimming. I was too jumping into the sea. The water was so clear but there were many small rocks on the sands that we should be careful of. My Brother got his toes wounded and bled.

My Father went out to the town with our rented driver to buy us Nasi Gurih (steamed rice cooked in coconut milk, Aceh specialty) for breakfast. After eating and showering, at 10am we were all ready to go to continue exploring Sabang. While we covered east Sabang on the first day, today we would cover the west part.

Sabang After 7 Years: Day 1

This is still the series of my trip to Aceh on last Ied al-Fitr. I know, it's too late already ya hehe I just had the time to post it now.

Hello, Sabang! I really have a good memory on this island 7 years ago, and finally I had the chance to visit it again, now with my husband and daughter. Same as last time, this time I planned staying there for 3 days 2 nights. But this time the port was more crowded because of holiday. Ferry tickets and car rental in Sabang were more expensive than usual. That's why many people would like to bring over their own car using slow big ferry (around 2 hours trip), including us, but the queue was too long. Luckily we could still get the fast ferry (around 45 minutes trip) tickets. Other than by ferry that crosses few times everyday, Sabang also can be reached by small airplane from Kuala Namu (Medan) 3 times a week.

We crossed the sea from Ulee Lheue port in Banda Aceh to Balohan Bay in Sabang in the morning around 8am. It is better to take morni…