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Alive Museum Ancol

Like I said in this post, I LOOOOVE trick arts. When I found out there was another trick art exhibition in Jakarta, I was so excited, and directly purchased the tickets. It is called Alive Museum, which is originated from Korea. It already has 14 branches in and out of Korea including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and now in Jakarta, Indonesia, yay! I guess this exhibition is a permanent one, opened since 30 October 2015 and located in Ancol Beach City Mall 3rd floor.

This attraction contains 2 parts: Alive Museum which displays interactive optical illusion arts and paintings, and Alive Star which displays wax figures of famous people. Each section has entry ticket Rp.100,000, which I think quite expensive, but they have many discounts if paying with some particular bank cards, and also some websites like Groupon offer a good deal of it. To get inside Ancol complex itself, there is also entrance fee for each person and vehicle (around Rp.20,000).

Alive Museum

When we first entered this museum, we passed by a glassed hole that looked veeeery deep and made me scared to walk on top of it.

This museum is divided into few zones: Fantasy Zone, Dark Roads, Horror Zone, Extreme Zone, Circus Zone and Travel Zone. In Fantasy Zone we can find arts and paintings with animation/movie figures such as Wonder Woman and Street Fighter. Every time we stand in front of the Street Fighter, there is wind blowing toward us that makes our picture looks real with the blowing hair and clothes. The wind sound was very loud and making my daughter scared and cry, so be careful if you bring a baby or little child. The must-have angel wings art is included in this zone too.

Next we walked into the Dark Road which was completely dark like in a horror house. I never like entering a horror house in any amusement parks, but fortunately this one is not scary at all. This road lead us to the Horror Zone where displaying 3D arts about ghosts, vampires and other scary things.

One of arts in Horror Zone

One of arts in Circus Zone

One of arts in Extreme Zone

The paintings in Traveling Zone are mostly about Korea and its culture. There is also an interactive machine which takes picture of our head. Then the picture head will be patched to 4 body pictures dressed in hanbok and other clothes. These figures then are scattered around Seoul map and we need to find them. What a creative way to introduce their country and culture to foreigners ya.

One of arts in Traveling Zone

The unique painting in Alive Museum Ancol that do not exist in other Alive Museum branches would be Monas, our famous national monument. It looks like we were on top of Monas and about to fall down. I wonder what special paintings exist in Alive Museum in other countries. 

Alive Star 

Exiting from Alive Museum, we were welcomed into Alive Star. This place is quite boring tho, not as fun and exciting like Alive Museum. And I don't know why, it's also not as fun as when I visited Madam Tussaud in Hong Kong few years ago with friends. The wax figures are not that good and not really resembling the real ones. Some figures displayed here are Picasso, Mahatma Ghandi, Batman, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Barrack Obama. In the end part there was wax figures of Korean celebrities who play in Running Man reality show, which is quite popular in Indonesia. Sadly there is no wax figures of KPOP artists who have many big fans here.

I was posing for running (as in Running Man) but ended up like dancing Dangdut

It was fun fun fun! I had a really good time and good laugh and taking funny pictures with my family :)


  1. btw itu, ada yang nsfw ga , kalo misalnya bawa anak di bawah umur kan awkward

    1. ummm ada wonder woman gitu naek motor, cukup awkward ga ya haha lainnya aman sih :D


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