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Hunting Kids Places in Singapore

Last November I went to Singapore with my husband and our 2 years old daughter. That was the first time she traveled abroad, which I showed her the place I once called home (not that she understood tho). We made her passport last June before we even had any plan to travel overseas. It was just a preparation in case we suddenly had business trip abroad in the future so we could bring her along. Then the chance came when my friend invited us to his wedding in Singapore.

Since I already have visited most of the tourist places in Singapore, and I did not have any particular places to go (except shopping in Orchard of course), I tried to find kids-friendly places for my child to play. So here the list of interesting kids-places we went during our 3 days trip in Singapore.

1. Changi Airport
Nothing beats this airport. The most pleasant airport in the world where you can spend a lot of time without feeling bored (read this post). Children love this place too, with some playgrounds and cute displays here and there. By the time we arrived in the luggage belt, ours were the last standing bags that haven't been taken yet. Changi Airport also provides kids stroller, what a convenient!

Stroller by Changi Airport

2. Far East Organization Children's Garden @ Gardens by the Bay
After we checked-in and relaxed a bit in our hotel until around 2pm, we went out to Marina Bay area. What a small country, in Bugis Junction I bumped into my ex-landlady and her kind family. We reunited again for just few minutes. When I said I wanted to go to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), she said "ah yes, there is a nice children garden, it's free!" I did not know that. I was planning to go there to visit Art Science Museum, you know, the one looks like a hand facing up, just because I've been there several times but haven't actually gone inside the building, and besides... where else to go? Fortunately we met her so then we knew where we should go. It is called Far East Organization Children's Garden, located in the far end of Gardens by the Bay. That place was awesome! Toddler (1-5 years old) like my daughter can play in water fountain coming out of fish sculpture (so cute) and a big playground. While older kids up to 12 years old can have fun in water play/shower and tree house. Parents can enjoy the sights of their happy kids and beautiful iconic Singapore buildings. We spent a lot of time there until it was closed at 7pm.

Playing in Far East Organization Children's Garden

3. Wonder Full Light and Water Show @ Marina Bay Sands
From Children's Garden, we rode shuttle bus service and walked back to MBS. As I know, there was a light and water fountain show in MBS Event Plaza facing the river and stunning Singapore Central Business District skyscrapers, which started at 8pm. We got there earlier before the show started, so we sat down there waiting while our child taking a nap. That peaceful moment when I realized how Singapore can be pretty too and how I did not appreciate it before and how I missed this little red dot a little. The show then began with a mellow mood music. I remember it perfectly, still using the same music and same story. My daughter suddenly woke up: facing black sky above, hearing scary music and getting a little water splash... of course she was screaming and crying. We tried to sooth her and remain in our seats, but it seems the angels supported her. Suddenly the show stopped and they announced there was a technical problem. So we stood up and left the place, without any regret. I had watched that show several times before, and clearly my daughter did not enjoy it. However, I believe kids older than her might enjoy this show a lot.

Watching Wonder Full Light and Water Show

4. Food for Thought @ Singapore Botanic Garden
I browsed in internet about Eateries in Singapore with Playground, and I found a lot! Bumble Bee Mum is my favorite blog which lists all those places. That made me realize how many kids-friendly restaurants were there in this tiny city, compare to big Jakarta city. However I only managed to visit one place. I tried to go to some other restaurants around Orchard, like Bricks n Cubes (used to be in The Cathay) and Tvoila Cafe (used to be in Orchard Central), but they were already closed permanently, so disappointed T_T Is there any kids-playground around Orchard? So Mommy who wants to go shopping would not feel guilty. Anyway, on our last day we had a pretty breakfast in Food for Thought at Botanic Garden which is located near Tanglin gate. Since the playground is outside on a very shady terrace surrounded by big trees, we took a seat outside. They offered breakfast menu until 10am, then the menu changed to heavier meals. It was about 15 minutes to 10am, and I was interested more in lunch menu so I waited until 10am before ordering chicken salad, beef burger and fish and chips kids menu.

Play area in Food for Thought

5. Jacob Ballas Children Garden @ Singapore Botanic Garden
Singapore Botanic Garden itself is already a nice big play yard for children and family, if we bring our own toys and games. Coming there with empty hands? No worries, because there is Jacob Ballas Children Garden inside Botanic Garden, that provides educative activities for children. The activities include sands, maze, water play, and nature learning. It is free to enter this place as long as child(ren) up to 12 years coming with adult(s). Child(ren) alone without accompanied by adult(s) or adult(s) alone without child(ren) are not allowed. The security guards at the gate are quite strict with this rule. It is a gem place for kids located inside Botanic Garden near Bukit Timah gate.

Playing in Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

One tip for tourists with kids in Singapore, always pack your kid's swimsuit or spare clothes when you go out because you will find water play easily around Singapore where your kids can't resist to get into. The sophisticated technology and public transportation in Singapore can also be interesting things for kids. Like my daughter, she was so excited to 'help' us topup our ezlink cards, to tap the cards everytime we took MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and bus, to ride MRT and buses itself, and many more. Kids are really giving us good examples of enjoying the journey, not just the destinations.


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