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Road Trip Jawa Tengah: Semarang

Desember lalu saya dan tim The Lost Wanderer (aka Suami dan Anak N haha) liburan akhir tahun yang tidak terlalu akhir. Biasanya orang-orang liburan di minggu terakhir Desember pas Natal dan Tahun Baru, tapi kami liburan di minggu kedua Desember (tanggal 12-19). Keputusan yang tepat, karena kemana-mana masih belum ramai, dan harga hotel juga belum naik banget. Dan saat kami balik ke Ibukota, penduduk Jakarta akan mulai liburan dan kami bisa menikmati kota Jakarta yang lengang selama beberapa minggu.

Kali ini kami jalan-jalan keliling Jawa Tengah selama 7 hari dengan mobil pribadi, road trip pertama kali hanya bertiga saja, dengan tujuan Semarang, Bandungan, Solo, Ambarawa dan Dieng. Di posting-anpertama seri Road Trip Jawa Tengah ini akan saya ceritakan tentang perjalanan kami ke Kota Semarang, ibukota Jawa Tengah.

Kami berangkat dari rumah sekitar jam 6 pagi lewat tol Cipali ke arah Brebes, dan dari Brebes ke Semarang melewati jalan Pantura biasa. Tol baru ini bener-bener membantu tr…

Review: Hotel and Banquet Panorama Lembang

This time I went to Lembang not only with my two best traveling buddies (Husband and Daughter) but also with my Mom and my Sister. For the accommodation, I wanted one villa/cottage that has 2 separate rooms. I found this Hotel and Banquet Panorama which was not far from the venue of my friend's wedding (which was the main reason we went to Lembang).

I booked the hotel via Traveloka around 10 days before the stay. I got price around Rp.940,000 for 1 night in a cottage with 2 bedrooms. When we arrived, we saw many buses parking in its large parking lot. I read in internet reviews that this hotel was indeed used commonly by big group like employee gathering or conference. The lobby is decorated with traditional ornaments with a little bit Balinese and Javanese style. Upon check-in, we received welcome drinks. At first they said the drinks must be consumed in the lobby. We waited a little bit but since we were already too tired we just left it and went to our cottage. Surprisingly not…

Another Lembang Trip in 2016

There are too many attractions in Lembang that keep Jakartans coming back there. We just went there last October but one visit was not enough. Therefore we were definitely excited when getting wedding invitation from a friend that was held in Lembang last December. Another reason to go to Lembang, yay!

This time I asked my Mom and Sister to come along with us too. I went out from my home around 5am to pick up my Mom and Sister first, then we started to hit the toll road around 5.30am, and arrived in Lembang around 8am, like last time. We wanted to visit Farmhouse first but the gate had not opened yet. While waiting it's opened, we entered a Batik shop just besides Farmhouse which already opened at that time, and relaxed a bit after 2,5 hours trip from Jakarta.

Around 9am, we finally went to Farmhouse. I thought after opening 1 year, this place would be less crowded now, but oh boy, it was still packed with visitors, which is a good thing for the owner but not really enjoyable for…

Review: Beach Hotel Singapore

Looking for budget accommodation in Singapore is a little bit tricky. Especially if you are traveling with family who wants to have a little bit privacy, not like a guesthouse or backpackers hostel. Accommodation in Singapore are very expensive compared to Indonesia. Hostel in Singapore usually has the same price like 3 stars hotel in Indonesia.

Fortunately I found this 2 stars hotel named Beach Hotel located in Beach Road, obviously. I booked 1 double bed room for 2 nights in Traveloka for about 1,5millions Rupiahs, 40 days before the stay. The sooner you book the place, the better hotel and price you can get. The room is well-equipped with TV, microwave, kettle, and fridge. Wifi connection and shower water heater were working perfectly. I have no complain at all regarding its facilities.