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Rainbow Island

Who says Jakarta does not have decent beaches? It has, but it would take one boat away... to Pulau Seribu (thousands islands). After 4 years ago visited Harapan Island, this time I had a chance to visit another island in Pulau Seribu called Pelangi Island (pelangi means rainbow). Not like Harapan Island which is a populated island, Pelangi Island is a resort. Most islands that can be visited in Pulau Seribu are resort islands, except Harapan, Kelapa, Pari, Pramuka and Tidung Islands. I went to Pelangi Island with my office colleague, just a small group of 15 people.

We booked 2 days 1 night package with They are very friendly, helpful and most important thing is very fast response. Our Whatsapp messages are always answered quickly. The price for Pelangi Island varies depends on the type of room we want to book. There are 4 types: Edelweiss, Bougenville, Jasmine dan Tulip. Edelweiss and Bougenville are bungalow like a cottage, each has their own building and separate…