09 January 2018

Relaxing Holiday in Banyuwangi

My last trip in 2017 was to Banyuwangi, the easternmost tip of Java. This trip to Banyuwangi was very relaxing for me. Not in terms of slow pace but because I did not need to research too many details about the destinations in our itinerary. Usually, in my family, I am the one who planned everything before and during traveling because you know... I am a Libra... I mean, I like to organize. However this time we booked a travel agent to guide us around, so we got a driver and a guide + photographer. Why? Even though still in Java island, I considered Banyuwangi was very remote, detached, isolated and so difficult to get around without local people, especially if you travel with elders and small kid like us. Been there now, I would say that... yeah, you need local people, but only for some places. Here is the detail of our 2 days journey in Banyuwangi.

Jawatan Perhutani Benculuk

Have you been dreaming to visit Lord of the Rings kinda place? If New Zealand is too far away and too expensive for you, Jawatan Benculuk in Banyuwangi can be an alternative. Some also say it looks like the forest of Alice in Wonderland, thanks to the mystical Trembesi trees. This area was used to be the storage of teak woods during Dutch colonialism. Now it's owned by Indonesian Government but mainly for tourism purpose. There is a very old open building unused for decades that has been taken over by a group of bats. Yes, you read it correctly, bats. However, they are harmless especially during the day and you could still enjoy sightseeing.

Jawatan Perhutani Benculuk (before I lost those sandals in Green Bay)

Other than nature itself, there are other interesting spots to take a picture such as a tree house and Grandong Rasta. Grandong is a traditional truck run by diesel machine usually used by villagers to transport harvests from farms. Why Rasta, because it was painted colorful: green, yellow and red, like a Rasta. This attraction is located about 30km from Banyuwangi city center, on the way to Green Bay.