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Booking Travel Deals in Klook

My recent trip to Taiwan has introduced me to a new travel platform that I might use often in the future. It is called Klook, which offers amazingly variant types of travel packages, especially in Asian destination, including activities and transportation. This post is not being sponsored, it is purely a review of my own experience using Klook. Here are the 3 packages I book in Klook when visiting Taiwan.

'Unite Traveler' 4G SIM Card (TW Airport Pick Up) for Taiwan
Except for posting on Instagram, I really need an internet connection for finding my ways around Taipei. Either I buy a SIM card with data connection or rent a wifi modem. Usually, people traveling in a big group prefer renting wifi more than buying SIM card because then they can share the connection. However, if you only travel by yourself or with another (adult) 1 person, like me and my husband (and our kid), buying a SIM card is cheaper. Klook offers many choices of Wifi and SIM card.

Panduan Aplikasi Visa dan Ijin Bebas Masuk Taiwan untuk Turis Indonesia

Negara Taiwan yang disebut juga Republic of China (ROC) memiliki territory sendiri dan berbeda dengan mainland China yang bernama People's Republic of China (PRC). Taiwan tidak punya Kedutaan Besar di Jakarta, melainkan sebuah kantor perwakilan dengan nama Taipei Economic Trade Office (Teto) yang berlokasi di dalam kawasan Senayan Central Business District (SCBD) seberang Mall Pacific Place.

Dengan bermodalkan semangat mencari Tao Ming Tse tiket pesawat dan persyaratan lainnya, saya mendatangi kantor Teto tersebut untuk apply visa Taiwan buat saya, suami dan anak. Masuknya dari pintu belakang gedung dengan menukar kartu identitas. Sesampainya di Lantai 17, dokumen saya diperiksa terlebih dahulu oleh petugas di bagian depan pintu. Petugas yang baik hati tersebut memeriksa setiap halaman paspor saya dan menemukan ada Visa Korea.

Petugas: "Ini pernah ke Korea?"
Saya: "Iya pak, tapi visa nya udah expired 2 tahun lalu."
Petugas: "Bisa gratis ini, ga perlu apply vi…

Meet Rokki: Air Asia In-Flight Entertainment

Low-cost carrier means a boring flight? Not anymore. Some AirAsia flights now offer its passengers a free in-flight entertainment using your own gadget called Rokki

What you need to do is to switch on the wi-fi connection in your smartphone or tab, and connect to FREE AirAsia ROKKI Wi-Fi. Voila, you can enjoy music, videos, and games. Although I am not interested in any of its videos and movies, I quite enjoy its music. There are few categories of music such as Classics, Pop and Korean music with about 20 songs each.

You can also read the news and shop online. Since it's a Malaysia airline, most news is about Malaysia though. While for the online shopping, I think it is not a big catch because who wants to wait for 1 month to get the items delivered to your home? And the price is not as cheap as Alibaba / Aliexpress.

As an online-savvy, the most feature I love is the free 2mb chatting plan for BIG members. BIG is the AirAsia membership program where you can collect points everyt…