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The Five Best Things about University of Sussex

How is it like to study at the University of Sussex? In this blog post, I would share the top 5 best things about this university where I am currently studying at, which might help prospected students to generate a decision. In the beginning, I was thinking to write positive and negative aspects of it in one article, similar to my last post About Brighton, but then it was going to be a long article. Therefore, I split it into two pieces: this post focuses on the jolly side, while the other dark side (ho-ho) is covered in the latter post (not necessarily after this one).

My first impression about the University of Sussex was how they welcome international students warmly. When I arrived in the UK for the first time in Heathrow Airport on 16th September 2018, just when I walked out the arrival gate, the university greeted me with someone holding the university signpost. She and other students standby there that day (and the day before) were sent by International Student Support (ISS) to…

About Brighton

It has been almost 2 months since I arrived in England in the middle of September and started living in Brighton. Brighton might not be known so much by people outside the United Kingdom (UK), and some people might even mistaken it with Brighton of Melbourne, Australia. Located on the seaside, Brighton is a small resort town about an hour train ride to the south of London, which is a favorite holiday destination for Londoners. Brighton and its neighbor Hove are towns, but together they form a city called Brighton & Hove (yeah, easy) started from year 2000. It is going to be my home for the next one year (minus 2 months) while I am studying a Master Degree in one of the universities in Brighton. So, what can I say about this new home of mine?

What I Like About Brighton

The first thing I like in Brighton is its laid-back atmosphere. Like the usual vacation town, people here are so relaxed and easy-going. Minority and foreigners, including Moslems, are very welcomed. My husband admitt…