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About Brighton

It has been almost 2 months since I arrived in England in the middle of September and started living in Brighton. Brighton might not be known so much by people outside the United Kingdom (UK), and some people might even mistaken it with Brighton of Melbourne, Australia. Located on the seaside, Brighton is a small resort town about an hour train ride to the south of London, which is a favorite holiday destination for Londoners. Brighton and its neighbor Hove are towns, but together they form a city called Brighton & Hove (yeah, easy) started from year 2000. It is going to be my home for the next one year (minus 2 months) while I am studying a Master Degree in one of the universities in Brighton. So, what can I say about this new home of mine?

What I Like About Brighton

The first thing I like in Brighton is its laid-back atmosphere. Like the usual vacation town, people here are so relaxed and easy-going. Minority and foreigners, including Moslems, are very welcomed. My husband admitt…
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Membuat Medical Certificate untuk Visa UK

Salah satu syarat dokumen untuk mengajukan visa UK non visitor adalah surat kesehatan bebas Tuberculosis (TBC). Surat atau sertifikat ini harus dikeluarkan oleh klinik-klinik yang sudah ditunjuk (Approved Clinic), jadi tidak bisa di sembarang rumah sakit.

Berikut list klinik nya di Indonesia:
RS Premier JatinegaraRS Premier BintaroRS Premier SurabayaRS Premier Bali Yang paling dekat dari rumah saya adalah RS Premier Jatinegara. Sebelum mendatangi langsung, saya mendaftar dulu via telepon ke nomor 1500908. Awalnya saya telpon tidak diangkat. Lalu tidak berapa lama mereka menelepon saya balik ke nomor yang tadi saya pakai buat telpon kesana, keren juga RS Premier Jatinegara ini.

Staff nya kemudian mendata nama dan tanggal lahir yang mau medical checkup, dan menjelaskan syarat-syaratnya:
Pasfoto 4x6 sebanyak 2 lembar dengan background biru (biru apa saja)PassportHasil scan xray atau medical checkup setahun terakhir jika ada (tapi akhirnya tidak dicek juga)Uang sebesar Rp.690,000 untuk 1 Me…

Membuat Surat Referensi Bank untuk Visa UK

Salah satu syarat dokumen untuk pembuatan Visa Student UK adalah Surat Referensi Bank (Bank Reference Letter) dan Rekening Koran (Bank Account Statement) milik pelamar (kalau biaya sendiri) atau milik parents/guardians (kalau disponsor oleh parents/guardians). Sebenarnya dokumen ini tidak wajib, apalagi bagi pelamar yang mendapat beasiswa penuh. Bagi saya yang dapat beasiswanya parsial dan sisanya ditanggung sendiri, saya butuh menyiapkan dokumen ini kalau-kalau nanti diminta. Surat ini biasanya berisi no rekening kita di bank tersebut dan jumlah saldo nya, termasuk rekening tabungan dan rekening deposito. Kalau reksadana atau saham lainnya tidak bisa.

Berapakah saldo minimum yang disyaratkan? Kalau tinggalnya di luar London, living cost setahun atau disebut juga maintenance fee untuk 1 orang adalah £9135. Kalau berangkat sendiri, jumlah saldo minimum yang harus ditunjukkan adalah maintenance fee + tuition fee. Kalau bawa keluarga (suami/istri dan anak) atau dependant, tambah lagi den…

List Dokumen Visa Student UK

Berikut ini list dokumen yang diperlukan untuk proses pembuatan Visa PBS (Point Based System) Tier 4 / Student UK, yang saya dapat dari IDP.

Paspor baru dan LamaMedical CertificateXray CertificateIjasah (Indonesian & translation)Transkrip (Indonesian & translation)IELTS, jika di CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) diminta untuk dilampirkanAkte Lahir (Indonesian & translation)Kartu keluarga (Indonesian & translation)KTP (Indonesian & translation)Fotokopi
Appointment ConfirmationPrint out one line visa application formMedical CertificateXray CertificateLetter of Sponsor from Parents/Guardians (kalau case saya ini surat dari Suami)Copy SIUP, NPWP & TDP (jika sponsor/parents/guardians punya perusahaan)Surat keterangan kerja sponsor (jika sponsor bekerja)Bank Reference & Bank Statement asliPaspor (halaman yg ada foto)CAS StatementIjasah (Indonesian & translation)Transkrip (Indonesian & translation)IELTS (jika di CAS diminta untuk dilampirkan)A…

The Letter from Hogwarts

Today I got a good news from the small island. All those hard works and prayers have paid off. Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much Allah for your blessing.

One Day Trip to Shifen and Jiufen from Taipei

Shifen and Jiufen are traditional old towns both located in New Taipei City, the northeast side of Taipei City. Even though they were belong to different districts: Shifen is in Pingxi, Jiufen is in Ruifang, but they are quite nearby and can be visited in the same day. However, moving from Shifen to Jiufen or vice versa by public transportation is not so easy. I did some research and found that we need to take a train from Taipei to Ruifang Station then train to Shifen then train back to Riufang then bus to Jiufen, with some trains have low frequency. If you missed one train, you have to wait for another hour.

Since Jiufen is my most anticipated place I'd love to visit in Taiwan, I did not want to spend unnecessary time during commuting so we could have a lot of energy when roaming around the place. Therefore I booked a tour in Klook. It was practically a transport rather than a tour, because once we got into the area, we were free to go around the place by ourselves and would mee…

A Day in Yangmingshan National Park Taipei

Taiwan is famous for its mountainous and natural scenery. About 53 times smaller than Indonesia, this country has 9 national parks in total. One of them is located on the northeast side of Taipei downtown, and accessible to visit in one day from Taipei City with public transportation. It is called Yangmingshan, named after a scholar from Ming Dynasty, and Shan means mountain in Chinese (similar to Korean's San). The place is good for seeing cherry blossoms, enjoying hot spring, and hiking. 

Since I came here in the middle of May, there was no longer cherry blossoms insights. We also did not intend to dip in one of its hot springs, since it was not too cold anymore. Furthermore, hiking was not an option for us who are traveling with a small kid. What we did was strolling around the park enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views. The place is quite friendly for baby with a stroller and elderly with a wheelchair.

What to See
Yangmingshan has a lot of scenic spots. The complete list …