03 December 2017

Pulang Kampuang Basamo ke Ranah Minang

Pulang Kampuang Basamo adalah tradisi orang Minang yang tinggal di luar Sumatera Barat untuk mudik ke kampung halaman secara massal terutama saat Idul Fitri.

Saya sebenarnya orang Aceh, tapi Ayah mertua asli Minang. Kami berkesempatan untuk Pulang Basamo di Lebaran tahun ini dengan total rombongan 11 orang. Selama 5 hari 4 malam keliling Sumatera Barat, kami menginap di Maninjau semalam, Bukit Tinggi dua malam, dan Padang semalam terakhir. Untuk transportasi, kami menyewa 1 mobil Toyota HiAce beserta supirnya dengan tarif Rp.1,500,000/hari. Mobil dengan kapasitas 14 seat ini cukup nyaman buat rombongan kami yang kebanyakan orang tua dan ada anak kecil. Senangnya road trip lagi, seperti waktu tur Jawa Tengah akhir tahun lalu. Jadi kemana saja disana? Kenapa pilihannya 3 kota itu? Disini saya akan cerita perjalanan saya di setiap kotanya.

23 November 2017

WTM: Petualang Cilik di Rumah Perubahan

Di postingan Weekend Tanpa Mall (WTM) kali ini saya mau sharing tentang Rumah Perubahan. Berawal dari browsing-browsing info relawan, saya menemukan ada event Petualang Cilik yang sedang mencari kakak-kakak relawan. Setelah baca detail event nya, instead of join as volunteer, kok saya jadi tertarik untuk mendaftarkan anak saya di event ini. Dengan membayar Rp.75,000, si anak dapat bermain sambil belajar di alam seperti memetik sayuran, memberi makan dan memandikan kerbau, dan bermain games seru (yang mereka sebut Funlethics, perpaduan antara fun dan athletics). 

Ada juga aktivitas/wahana lainnya seperti menangkap dan memberi makan ikan, tapi ada tambahan biaya lagi. Berikut contoh agenda nya:
07.00-08.00 : Registrasi ulang dan pembelian tiket wahana terusan
08.00-10.30 : Acara Petualang Cilik
10.30-12.00 : Wahana Terusan
12.00          :  Selesai
Kelompok akan dibagi (dikelompokan) sesuai dengan umur peserta. Wahana yang akan ada di Petualang Cilik #80 - National Sports Day

3-11th Petualang Cilik - National Sports Day (Rp. 75.000/anak)
- Menanam Sayur (dibawa pulang)
- Memandikan Kerbau
- Fun-leutik
- Memberi makan sapi

Adapun Wahana Tambahan (bisa booking sebelum kegiatan hari H via email ini atau saat registrasi ulang)
1. Wahana Membuat Tempe Embun = Rp. 25.000/anak
2. Wahana Menangkap Ikan = Rp. 20.000/anak
2. Wahana Memberi Makan Rusa= Rp. 15.000/anak
3. Wahana Memberi Makan Ikan = Rp. 5.000/anak

Mengingatkan kembali, ada beberapa barang yang perlu dibawa oleh peserta Petualang Cilik Rumah Perubahan antara lain :
- Jas hujan/ payung
- Peralatan mandi
- Pakaian ganti
- Obat pribadi
- Sepatu olahraga /rain boots

13 November 2017

The First Taste of Celebes: Day 3-4

Hi, this time I am going to write about the rest of my Makassar trip. In my previous post, I have shared places that Lost Wanderer crew (I, my husband and our daughter Nad) visited on our first and second days in Makassar which are: around the city (Fort Rotterdam, Kampung Popsa, Losari Beach) and Maros (Rammang-Rammang, Leang-Leang, Bantimurung). So, where to go next?

On the third day, we went to Malino. The same driver, from the same car rental company as yesterday, picked us up at the hotel around 8.30am. I confirmed to continue booking their car rental service just the night before. The rate to rent car 12hours to Malino was Rp.500,000 (exclude fuel charge), more expensive than the price to Maros. Honestly, I still don't understand why the price is different with the same car and same duration. I know Malino was further than Maros and would spend more fuel, therefore I acknowledged the higher fuel charge we paid, but higher rental car charge as well? I don't get it. Anyway, I was too lazy to find another car rental, so I just stuck with this AnginMammiri.com company.

First, we stopped by at Balla Lompoa Museum, still inside Makassar city but it's on the way to Malino. This used to be a palace of the Sultanate of Gowa, the most successful ancient kingdom in South Sulawesi. Now the stilt house building is used as a museum in where Gowa relics items being kept and displayed to visitors, such as crowns, jewelry, clothes, and weapons. We were the only visitors at that morning, so it was quite enjoying to explore all by ourselves. No annoying photographers and Nad was not cranky being inside that old building surrounding by old stuff (not like when we visited Pagaruyung Palace in West Sumatera :P).

To get more feel of Gowa, we rented a traditional costume, only Rp.50,000/person, and wear it while sightseeing the museum. Its women traditional cloth is called Baju Bodo. Baju Bodo colors have meanings:
  • Orange is used by girls until 10 years old
  • Red is used by big girls from 10 until 25 years old
  • Black is used by women from 25 until 40 years old
  • White is used by nurses
  • Purple is used by widows

I should have worn the black one :p

29 October 2017

The First Taste of Celebes: Day 1-2

Celebes is an old name of Sulawesi, the forth largest island in Indonesia after Sumatera, Borneo (Kalimantan) and Papua. Its biggest city is Makassar, where I and family traveled 2 weeks ago. I've been willing to see the eastern parts of Indonesia, especially Sulawesi, since people praise their beauty a lot. But as you know, the beauty is equivalent with the way to go there. The prettier a place is the more difficult to reach it. Some places are required a whole day to reach by changing more than one transportation. Not just it is exhausting but also expensive. With a small kid like mine, I would think twice to travel to isolated places like that. To have a slight taste of Sulawesi, how about traveling to its big cities first? My choice was Makassar or also called Ujung Pandang, the capital city of South Sulawesi, which had many flight options from Jakarta.

I booked Sriwijaya Air round ways via Traveloka about 1 month before the trip, and it cost me about Rp.1,3millions/person. At that time there was a cheaper flight, Lion Air, but I did not want to take Lion Air anymore after being delayed one hour in my previous flight from Padang to Jakarta. (Unfortunately my Sriwijaya Air flights were also delayed: one hour delay on flight to Makassar, and 2 hours delay on flight from Makassar, eugh!). We (me, my husband and our daughter Nad) arrived in Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar around 2PM. From Airport to downtown took about one hour. The Airport Taxi cost Rp.150,000 flat price, while I checked Grab only cost Rp.90,000 and Uber Rp.50,000 (with promotion). I tried ordering Grab and Uber in the same time, and finally one Grab Driver accepted my order. He called to instruct me to go to Departure Hall because Arrival Hall is full with Airport Taxi which hate Online Taxi, a common problem in many cities.

We checked-in to our room in Singgasana Hotel. Apparently their room key card reader system was down since a week ago, so receptionists said hotel staff would accompany us whenever we went inside the room. We took prayer and then at 4pm went out to visit the first attraction: Fort Rotterdam. One must have not been in Makassar if one hasn't visited this fort. It is a historical fort in Makassar built by Gowa Kingdom maybe in 15th Century but then overtook and rebuilt by Dutch colonial to be used for Dutch military base in Sulawesi. That's why the buildings have Dutch style, and remind me of old school buildings. Most parts of the fort and buildings are in a good shape. The stones made for the fort were in high quality and seemed everlasting. They came from Maros, an area outside Makassar that is famous with its karst stone (where we would be going on the next day). There are many spots to sit and hangout, including stones and grass fields. Afternoon is the perfect time to stroll around this fort. Fort entrance fee was free during August month to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day, but the officer in front gate asked visitors to fill guest book and ask to donate some money. I don't know to whom the money went, hope it would be for the fort/museum development.

Strolling around Fort Rotterdam

At 5pm we crossed the street towards Kampoeng Popsa to have early dinner. We only ate small breads for lunch, so we were very hungry. Kampoeng Popsa is a nice food court by the sea that offers a lot of varieties of foods from local to international. Of course I chose local Sulawesi food: Cakalang Noodle and Es Pisang Ijo (ice green banana). Cakalang is a kind of tuna fish famous in Sulawesi. Maybe the foods were not that special (taste was ok, price was normal), but the view was. We were sitting in the balcony facing sunset on a port with a lot of small boats parked. This port is used for crossing to nearby small islands like Kayangan Island. Is that island really like Kayangan (heaven)? I did not plan to go there this trip, hope I can visit there next time.

07 October 2017

WTM: Perpustakaan Nasional

Welcome to Weekend Tanpa Mall (WTM) series!

Postingan pertama di seri WTM ini akan menceritakan tentang perpustakaan yang keluarga saya kunjungi hari Sabtu lalu. Ini bukan Perpustakaan Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Cikini langganan kami, tapi Perpustakaan Nasional (Perpusnas) yang baru diresmikan 3 minggu lalu oleh Presiden kita. Dari postingan-postingan yang beredar di sosial media, katanya perpustakaan ini baru akan dibuka untuk umum tanggal 9 Oktober 2017. Tapi kok sudah banyak yang pamer foto-foto disana? Wah saya pun tidak mau kalah dan penasaran untuk segera kesana.

Awalnya saya kira Perpusnas baru yang disebut-sebut ini adalah Perpusnas tua di Salemba yang dirombak jadi baru. Ternyata bukan, gedung Perpusnas hits ini berada di lokasi lain yaitu di Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No.11 di samping Balai Kota Jakarta dan di seberang Monas. Saya baru tau kalau di lokasi itu tadinya memang adalah gedung Perpusnas, tapi cuma 3 tingkat dan tidak menarik. Mungkin selama ini ga ngeh karena sejak tahun 2013 ditutupi papan-papan proyek untuk direnovasi, yang akhirnya selesai tahun ini. Dan hasilnya keren. Perpustakaan tertinggi di dunia.

Keterangan semua lantai

Dari parkiran basement, kami naik lift menuju Lantai 2 dulu. Begitu lift terbuka, woah saya langsung takjub melihat display rak buku tinggi dari Lantai 1 ke Lantai 4. Sepertinya buku-buku ini cuma buat pajangan sih, bukan dipinjem. Di Lantai 2 ini ada 3 counter staff dan belasan PC untuk mendaftar sebagai anggota. Suami mengisi data diri di salah satu PC, sedangkan saya yang sudah daftar lewat website Perpusnas, hanya perlu menuliskan nomor anggota di PC lain lalu mendapat nomor antrian. Niatnya sih mau buat kartu anggota plus nanya-nanya. Tapi pas lihat nomor antrian, ya ampunnn... saya dapat nomor 249 sedangkan antrian saat itu masih di nomor 130an. Gatau tuh kenapa, antara pengunjung yang ramai saat weekend atau petugas nya sedikit dan lama kerjanya. Ya sudah kami tinggal deh dan muter-muter tempat ini dulu.

Rak buku 4 lantai