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MBC Dramia

MBC Dramia is a shooting set made by MBC for their historical/sageuk dramas such as Jewel in the Palace, Queen Seondok, Jumong, Isan, Dong Yi. At first I thought the place name was typo, instead of Dramia it should be Drama. But no, the name combines Drama and Utopia words. I've been dreaming to visit this place since I fell in love with Korean drama Moon Embracing The Sun, because it is also one of shooting locations of that movie. Finally I got a friend to travel together to that place.

We took bus 8.30 from Nambu Bus Terminal. You can buy the ticket directly with the lady in ticket box, or using automatic machine, or tap your T-Money card when you aboard the bus. There is no seat number in the ticket, so you can sit wherever you like (available). The fare to Baekam Terminal was 4,200 KRW, and it took about 1 hour to get there. Show your ticket or tell the bus driver in advanced that you're going to Baekam terminal, or listen carefully the announcement in the bus.

Don't expect Baekam Terminal would be big, you would be dropped off on the street (and the bus would continue its trip to somewhere else). According to the website, you can take city bus 35-1 from Baegam Terminal, but I and my friend took a taxi today. It cost about 7,000 KRW. The location of MBC Dramia was really isolated, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest, fields, and mountains. Well, it's a perfect location for filming historical drama.

We really amazed on how they made all these props for drama. They have replica of scholar's house, folk village, old market, royal palace, temple, fighting arena... so complete and detail! They sure spent a lot of money in making this, but look at those drama they created, all became big and famous drama and reach oversea audience. They're really serious on making their drama, not like Indonesian Sinetron.

Fighting scene in Moon Embracing The Sun where Prince Yang Myung died. It looks really similar with Geunjeongjeon in Gyeongbokgung

In this site, you can also try Korean traditional clothing, each 20,000 KRW. Quite expensive tho (especially if you compare with free Hanbok services in Myeongdong and Gyeongbokgung), but their clothes are the ones from the drama. You can wear the exactly same cloth that Queen Seon-deok or Misil used in the series.

There were not so many explanation about Moon Embracing The Sun drama in this place, maybe because it's a recent drama. I couldn't find King's Quarter, where the King sleeping. There were many important scenes around the King's residence, I'd really love to see it. But I was already happy to see this!

I love the moving character boards!

Silver Moon Building, where Yeon Woo stayed after becoming Crown Princess

Some pictures inside MBC Dramia

The entrance ticket 7,000 KRW for this place is totally worth it, especially for a sageuk lover like me. Happy!


  1. can we take subway to go to MBC Dramia? the nearest station to my place is chungjeongno...

    1. No, you cannot take subway only to go there. From Chungjeongno Subway Station, go to Nambu Bus Terminal Subway Station. It is in Line 3, so you will need to transfer in Euljiro 3(sam)-ga Station. From Nambu Bus Terminal Subway Station, go out exit 5 to Nambu Bus Terminal. Take bus to Baekam Terminal, then taxi to MBC Dramia. Quiet a long journey, but it's really worth it if you really love Sageuk Korean Drama :)

  2. hi, can we visit this site during winter?

  3. Hi....sorry to bother you know how to go to korean folk village from MBC Dramia? i heard they were quite near to each other...? thanks ya!!! :)

    1. Hi! I know how to go to Korean Folk Village from Seoul, but I don't know how to go there from MBC Dramia. Sorry :)

  4. do you suggest which is better to see; korean folk village or mbc dramia. i want to visit both but so little time.

    1. In my opinion, Korean Folk Village is better than MBC Dramia, because it's bigger and the village looks more real than in MBC Dramia. There are traditional foods and performances in KFV that you can enjoy

  5. Hi rika, i want to ask, for returning to seoul, what time does the shuttle bus from dramia to baekam? or how did you got back to seoul? :) thanks

    1. Hi Jan-Ice, I took the shuttle bus from Dramia to Baekam, but I don't remember the schedule. When I finished the tour, I approached the ticket counter to ask when the next bus came. I had to wait about 30 minutes, because it's not really frequent. So, I think you should ask them the bus time before you begin the tour, then you could arrange your tour to finish just before the bus came, so you wouldn't need to wait for long time. From Baekam terminal, wait for buses back to Seoul besides the road (many people were waiting and taking that bus too). No need to buy the ticket advanced, just pay using t-money card or cash (last time it cost 4,200 KRW) on board inside the bus.

  6. i heard it is not open for public anymore. It is based on the korean tourism organization. is that true?

    1. Oh really? I didn't hear about that. Too bad, it's a good place to visit.

  7. hi rika does the bus from baekam terminal will headed straight to seoul or only at the subway station?


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