Hello! Welcome to another travel blog.
I am an Indonesian woman in early 30s.
I am a clumsy, shy but passionate and (often) lost wanderer.
I have traveled to 17 countries, not much, and look forward for more countries in the future.
I can travel solo, light and cheap.
I was a Couchsurfer and a Toastmaster.
I love coffee, walking, dancing, writing and reading books.
I am not a photographer.
I am not (yet) a writer, but dreaming of becoming one, Amen!
I am not a foodie, don't expect many food reviews in my blog.
I love visiting cultural, historical and natural places.
I lived and worked in Singapore and South Korea for almost 4 years in total.
I am learning 한국어.
I must admit I really love South Korea, not because of kpop only.
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Wanna meet up?
Now I am finding my traveling times between a weekday IT job and family times.

Contact me: rika@thelostwanderer.com
Twitter: @rikaokd

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  1. Wow you r so cool kak. I wish I could traveling around the world too